West Quartz features excellent resistance to chemicals in food and common cleaning products. With normal use, your quartz surface will remain blemish free.


Your West Quartz countertop contains no toxic materials or heavy metals, and emits no radiation. Our NSF certified surface is safe  for residential, commercial, and multifamily use.


Quartz is a naturally heat resistant material. Because your West Quartz countertop is over 90% quartz, your surface will be safe from heat damage during normal use in your kitchen or bath.


Your West Quartz countertop is composed of non-porous quartz, resin, and micro quartz powder in a highly compacted product. The combination creates a very stain resistant product during normal use.


Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on the planet – almost as hard as a diamond. Because West Quartz products are over 90% quartz, your countertop will remain scratch free during normal use in the kitchen or bathroom.


Because West Quartz is made using high quality resins and mineral pigments, the beautiful color of your countertop will not fade. West Quartz recommends interior application for this product.


West Quartz is produced with the environment in mind. Water is recycled during production and material waste is kept to a minimum. West Quartz also mines much of its raw materials at a nearby quarry, keeping transportation pollution to a minimum.


The West Quartz production facility features some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the hard surface industry. With high production quality, the gloss on your West Quartz countertop is produced without any waxes or brightening agents. You will enjoy the consistent shine of this durable and beautiful product for the lifetime of your kitchen or bathroom.


We have organized a great team of professionals who bring both creative thinking and business savvy. We know the manufacturing. We know the US market. And we understand what you are looking for in a quartz surface.


At West Quartz, innovation and affordability are the key.  Whether you are looking for high volume popular colors or small batch custom colors, our state of the art manufacturing facility can fulfill your request.  In addition, our research and development team is continually at work on our own innovate new patterns and colors to be released in limited edition collections.  Our jumbo slabs (126″ x 63″) are produced in 1.5CM, 2CM, or 3CM thicknesses, with 1CM tile also available.  Our facility also features cut to size manufacturing for your multifamily or hospitality projects.

West Quartz products are regularly shipped to our corporate office and distribution hub in Garland, TX.  In the near future, we will open distribution centers nationwide in order to better service our customers.